postheadericon What is Ringworm?

Ringworm also known as Dermatophytosis, is a skin disease caused by fungal infection. It is one of the most common diseases that affect humans and also pets like cats and domestic animals such as cattle and sheep etc.  The term ringworm is often mistaken, as the clinical condition is occurred by fungi of various species and not through parasitic worms.  The infectious fungi nosh on keratin, hair, outer-layer of skin, nails and feet known as Athlete’s foot etc.


Many people always want to know exactly about what is Ringworm and its affects on human skin, and why it is called by that name. The fact is, the term ringworm is used for this disease because of the red-ring formed around the infected part of the skin which can be spread through direct contact with other infected animals or people.


Generally this clinical condition occurs due to various kinds of mold like fungus known as Dermatophytes, because the disease will be active on dead cells of the human body such as scalp and nails. Mostly it affects kids and younger children because of their common occurrence in schools, child care centers, infant nurseries etc.  Also the disease normally occurs to the sports people who play wrestling specifically, and also the disease often spreads through pets.  You can find some of the products which can cure the ringworm disease here.


What is Ringworm – Signs and Symptoms?

The reports showed that currently around 20% of population globally may have been affected with ringworm fungal infection.  It can be easily transmitted through direct contact with pets and other infected people, and also it can easily spread through using same things that are used by infected people like combs, upholstery, towels, cloths etc.

Rarely, humans can be affected by ringworm infection when they touch the infected soil. The mold-fungi rooting ringworm may be alive for a longer time if the soil is filled with passable nutrients. The Fungal infection on the body may develop red rings, and infection occurs on the feet causes athlete’s foot and  when the infection occurs on nails it is termed as onychomycosis, it causes thick skin, discolor etc. The fungal infection gets worse during summer and the symptoms may be alleviating during winter season.


Ringworm stages:


A small part of infected skin likely to spread outwards, it generally forms into a circular shape with red inflamed area of skin. The outer-edge is more scaly and swollen than the center part of the skin. So, it generally forms a ring kind of shape and gradually become larger in size.  Usually, sometime the infection occurs only one part of the skin and sometimes on various parts of the body; getting more patches of ringworm will be particularly more when you are handling the infected animal

The infected part of the skin may be slightly irritating, and also sore and very itchy at times. The rash may be different, which depends on what type of fungus caused the infection. Sometime ringworm fungal infection looks similar to other types of skin rashes like psoriasis. It is advisable to consult your doctor immediately if you find any symptoms like itchy skin, red spots on skin or any such conditions which are similar to ringworm.  Maintaining good hygiene is the best way to prevent these types of infections. Also you can browse through the products which can cure ringworms which are available on the site.